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New revenues.

Farmers make the difference, we measure it, you promote the change. Together we can remove 10% of the Global GHG Emissions.


Our Purpose

Empower LATAM farmers to become a solution to Climate Change

In Neutral Farming, we merge the processes of nature, new technologies, and the potential of the carbon market to drive the transformation of the agricultural production model in Latin America.

With our Digital MRV (Monitoring, Report, & Verification) solution, we make change possible and give farmers a "second harvest".

Together, we can change the world!

What is Carbon Farming?

Carbon Farming, nature as a solution to Climate Change

Reducing CO2 emissions is crucial for mitigating the effects of climate change and avoiding its worst consequences. By taking steps to reduce emissions and adopting more sustainable practices, we can contribute to preserving the climate, protecting the environment, and ensuring a livable future for future generations.

This is where carbon farming comes into play: sustainable land management practices that promote soil decarbonization. This cost-effective solution has the potential to offset up to 10% of annual human emissions. Farmers, ranchers, and landowners worldwide can play a key role in storing carbon in the soil while benefiting the climate, local communities, and biodiversity.

Farming Field

Crop rotation

Green Fields - Crops

Soil Cover Management

No-till farming

No-till farming

Natural compost - livestock

Livestock Composting

Chile nature

Larry Fink, CEO of Black Rock

“The  next 1,000 billion-dollar startups will be in climate tech.”

Our nature-based solution

Digital MRV that helps farmers to measure and monetize carbon captured in their farms

We combine natural processes with new technologies like Satellite Scan, AI, and Blockchain to generate transparent carbon credits that create real impact.

Drone - IoT Scan Field

Potential Earnings

We simulate the additional revenue you can earn by implementing regenerative agriculture practices and certifying carbon credits.

Baseline Regenerative Farming

Baseline & Roadmap

We define a carbon emissions baseline, and a customized roadmap to guide your transition to regenerative agriculture.

Satellite scanning

Digital MRV

We use satellite scan and AI, to accurately measure your progress in carbon sequestered, ensuring transparency and reliability.

Second harvest - Carbon credits

Issuance & Payment

We manage the certification, issuance and sale of your carbon credits, enabling you to monetize your regenerative efforts.

Supermarket Sustainable
Net-Zero fruits


Projects to create a net-zero value chain

At Neutral Farming, we specialize in helping CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) companies implement insetting practices that generate a significant impact on their supply chain and strengthen their producers.

We develop projects that strengthen the supply chain, reduce its carbon footprint, and promote sustainable practices at all stages of production. This not only contributes to climate change mitigation but also allows them to differentiate themselves in the market and build a positive reputation among sustainability-conscious consumers.

Trust Neutral Farming to embark on your sustainability journey and generate value for your producers.

OFFSETTING - Sustainable Companies

Carbon Credits with positive impact

At Neutral Farming, we not only help companies meet their sustainability commitments through offsetting but also offer them the opportunity to lead the way in the fight against climate change.

Using cutting-edge technologies, we rigorously monitor and verify the progress and outcomes of our projects. This ensures the transparency and reliability of our carbon credits, providing companies with the assurance that they are effectively contributing to climate change mitigation and making a real impact in LATAM.

Together, we can make a difference and build a future that future generations deserve.

Natural Resources
Sustainable Company

Aiming to be a "Gigaunicorn"

We seek a Real Impact in LATAM economy and society

Carbon Sequestered




Economically Impact in LATAM

Aligned & Committed with the SDGs.

Let's work together!

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